Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Wonderful Years Together!!!
Baylee and the boys had these signs on the door for us when we got home. The funny one is the first picture that says "these were the good old days" and a picture of just Baylee and us. Do you think she loves her brothers? We also got a night of free babysitting!!! Thanks Baylee!

Off track at the roller rink Nothing like rental skates...aren't they pretty?

Calee and Boston

Maddie, Briggs and Makenna

Brookelynn and Lexi

VALENTINES 2009 Dinner we had a Heart shaped meatloaf and all the pink trimmings.
Breakfast consisted of pink heart pancakes, it was a very "loving" day!!

A Night at the Circus

While we were in California, they had a record breaking heat wave, We weren't complaining! We left Utah's cold 20 degree's!! It was great, I think we spent every day at the Park!!