Monday, November 10, 2008


Wow they learn early ( and they circled everything, I meam everthing!!)


A little baseball for the little boys

Are you ready for the snow?

They all enjoyed it for a whole 15 minutes!!

Potty break

Trick-or Treat

Brocks stash of candy
Brody has all his divided so he can do the trade thing with his sister

Baylee was a Funky Fairy

We're actually carving pumpkins outside, how often does that happen in Utah?

While we were carving pumkins Briggs fell from a stool and hit his mouth on the counter. He ended up with five stiches. He was a really good sport till the nurse and I had to hold him down. That was a little tuff on me. Just glad its all over and the stiches are out and all is well!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dropping the Blogger Ball

To all my blogger fans that have noticed I have become quite the blogger bum, I have now figured out how to use my new camera and download the pictures, so from this day forward I will do my best to keep things updated. (Of course if life gets to busy (which it will) I will not let myself feel guilty, or compare myself to all you "blogger pro's") because I am bound to drop the blogger ball and fall behind again. I'll just keep trying (cause thats what I tell my kids to do).
This is my blogger promise to you :)


A few of our neighbors went on a tour to a local candy factory, while we were all off track.
Do you like the hair nets? Baylee loved wearing hers! jk!
They provided special strollers for the little ones.
Lexi, Brooklynne, Josh and Brody sporting the lunch lady look!

Apple Orchard

While the kids were off track we did some fun things. This was an afternoon we spent at an orchard. The kids had fun picking the apples.

When we got home the boys and I made the best apple pie ever!!

Pretty yummy looking, don't you think?

Briggs turns 2!!

Briggs is the big "2" (and still not talking)
He got a helmet from Grammy
Loving his presants
Wow!! This was his birthday dessert at Red Robins. Of course we all helped him eat it....yum!
After dinner we all went to a corn maze. It was alot of fun!

Soccer with Brock

This is Brocks first year playing soccer, with Mike coaching.
This is the team...the Fire Tigers.
Mike always loves when his son is the one that is crying because he doesn't always get the ball!
They all look so serious in this picture, but really they're just wondering whats for snack!
Our favorite cousins, the Bakers came to visit us!
They were only here for the week-end, but we sure had a good time with them There was a little football

The best part was the Bakers had rented a house down the street from us and they had

the coolest pool ever!! It didn't matter that it was cold and rainy the two days spent in it! They had a BLAST!
Jalyn and baby Jillian (notice the diet coke? It's fuel for the mother of five!!)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lagoon Amusement Park

We went To Lagoon with the Richards our neighbors for their dad's work party. We had lots of fun and The kids enjoyed it. Five days later Mike took Baylee and Brody again because of our bounceback tickets. The next morning Baylee left for Cedar City with Maddie and Tanner Birtcher and their grandparents.